Cambridge Boathouse, Elliot turn at HOCR2014

Sculling upstream

City life ain’t so bad for a rower in B-town

BU training

Blood, Sweat & Tears.. plus blisters

Off to Harvard!


The hours you put turn into the seconds you shave off

Ok, the weeks you put in are the miliseconds you shave off

Elk Lake Boathouse

home <3

Workout Wednesday!


Here is a workout I like to do when I am independently training:

Of course make sure you do activation and 11’ PressurePyr (3,2,1,2,3) before jumping to the workout and roll out/stretch afterwards.

Erg: I like this one I made up because A) as you progress, each piece gets shorter and your brain…

Fanshawe Lake


LTC Pair


don’t give a day away

LTC in 4-’s

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